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Restaurants Salou


Those wishing to eat in Salou may have trouble making up their minds: More than 200 restaurants are dotted around Salou offering dishes all over the price range. With such a wide variety, it is important to know what you want and rule out some categories from the beginning. What type of food do you fancy and does the location of the restaurant matter?

Are you looking for something on the seafront or maybe something in a side street further back? Spanish or international dishes? Meat or fish? Fast or slow food? Traditional or modern cuisine?

First the good news: In Salou you can find everything. But not everything tastes good...

Shortly after arriving, you should check out a few of the streets, instead of going straight to the nearest restaurant. Get an idea of the bars and restaurants around you. Often, it is enough to take a look from outside to know what type of food is served. If what you’re looking for is traditional Spanish cooking, you should avoid places with names like American Beach Club, Big Ben’s or Broodje van Kootje.

Take a look at the menu at the entrance and compare the prices of the competition. In many restaurants they put up photos of the dishes for foreign guests. Normally, the food served is not too different from that in the photos. This way, misunderstandings are avoided and there are no nasty surprises. But from time to time, who doesn’t want to try something new?

How about a typical Catalonian restaurant or one representing Mediterranean cookery?

Hola Ola (Passeig Miramar 34) is on the seafront at Playa del Ponent (see: Playa del Ponent). As well as its great location with sea views, Hola Ola stands out for its good service, being particularly family-friendly. Here they serve regional dishes. You should also try the rice dishes, especially the seafood paella.

Near to the Font Lluminosa (see: Font Lluminosa), a fountain in the heart of the tourist area of Salou, is Asador las Brasas (c/Barbastre, 8-10). Here they combine specialities of Catalonian and Castillian cuisine. Lovers of barbecued steak in particular will be happy.

Tip: Try the ‘morcilla de Burgos’ (black pudding) and the tasty ‘lechazo’ (lamb). But watch out, the portions here are very big. The restaurant has a pleasant appearance and a covered terrace.

Castillo de Javier is located on the avenue Av Carles Buïgas 29 and has a private car park for its customers. In this fine restaurant they serve first class Mediterranean cuisine, which of course comes at a price. However, it’s well worth it. As well as excellent food, you can also try a range of typical dishes from northeast Spain, especially Navarra and Euskadi. Another point in its favour is the extensive winelist, as well as the professional service.
It must be taken into account that Castillo de Javier is considered to be an upmarket restaurant. In contrast to other restaurants, bathing suits, flip flops and short-sleeved t-shirts are frowned upon here.

Terramar (C./Espigó del Moll 9) is much more economical. Here you can find good, filling food at very moderate prices, such as fish, seafood, meat dishes and filled baguettes. The décor is simple, with no whistles and bells, and the restaurant is always well-kept and the service is speedy and polite. The restaurant offers good value for money and both tourists and residents of Salou often come to Terramar.
The only drawback is that some days you have to queue up, but it’s never long before a waiter shows you to a free table. Don’t forget to order ‘alioli’ (garlic mayo) and ‘salsa romesco’ (a sauce containing tomatoes, peppers, garlic and nuts).

There are also some good places to eat among the international restaurants.

The Paddock (C./Punta Del Cavall, 13) is a very pleasant restaurant for families in the Cap de Salou area. They serve large portions of hearty food such as burgers, baked potatoes, sausages and much more. The Paddock is also very popular thanks to its varied breakfasts, particularly loved by customers from the north of Europe.

The same goes for Uncle Sam (C./Amposta 30). Here they serve substantial American dishes. You can choose from Tex Mex, Italian-American, hamburgers and barbecued dishes. The abundant breakfasts and very sweet desserts are also popular.