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Salou travel guide

Great nightlife in Salou
Great nightlife in Salou

For national and international tourism, Salou is without a doubt one of the most popular and at the same time most attractive coastal cities on the Costa Dorada. Every year Salou’s special mixture of “sun, sea and sand” on the one hand and a perfect infrastructure, as well as all kinds of gastronomy and hotels, on the other, attracts tourists from all over Spain and abroad. Many of those who visit Salou usually come back to enjoy the great things that this well-kept clean town has to offer, along with its splendid climate. Since tourism first came to Salou in 1960, the town and its 26,700 inhabitants have become more and more specialised in this sector, continually improving and developing the wide range of holidays available.

Salou – great for families

Today, Salou, as a tourist town, is aimed at all possible age groups. However, recently Salou has stood out more than anything thanks to its fame for being specifically adapted to families with children.  On many occasions, such as in restaurants and hotels, special attention is paid to the younger visitors (see: Restaurants Salou).

Bars and nightclubs in Salou

What’s more, Salou offers a great nightlife. At night, the doors are opened to a multitude of bars, pubs and, later on, nightclubs. This is where it’s all at for the partygoers, the majority quite young, who come to have fun in the lively atmosphere of Salou.

Salou: Beach tourism

Other favourable circumstances for tourism in Salou are its fine sandy beaches, small coves and the seafront esplanade, perhaps the most beautiful one on the Costa Dorada and throughout Catalonia, with its numerous palm trees and well-kept lawns. Not to forget the annual prizes awarded to the town of Salou for the quality of its water and its such well looked after, clean coast (see: Beaches Salou).

Theme park next to Salou

When we talk about tourism around Salou, we mustn’t forget to mention the second largest theme park in Europe: Port Aventura (see: Port Aventura Park Salou). Coming from Salou, the theme park provides you with endless fascinating impressions: spectacular attractions, facilities designed taking into account all the fine details, numerous restaurants, as well as continual dance and musical shows or dangerous stunts – all of this near to Salou.
In a word, Salou is a great alternative for all kinds of tourism. Hardly any other coastal town can completely satisfy, and in such a varied manner, all of the hopes and expectations of its guests like Salou can.

Conclusion: Whoever gets bored in Salou, it’s their own fault!