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Cambrils travel guide

Restaurants in the port of Cambrils
Restaurants in the port of Cambrils
Cambrils: perfect place for beach holidays
Cambrils: perfect place for beach holidays
Old part of Cambrils
Old part of Cambrils

Cambrils is located at the heart of the Costa Dorada, surrounded by the Llaberia and Prades mountain ranges and is, after Reus, the second largest town in the region known as Baix Camp. The interesting part as far as tourism is concerned in Cambrils is close to the sea; the port and the old town. Further into the town things change - it is there where we can find the daily life of a typical Catalonian town.

Over the last few decades, the outlying neighbourhoods of Cambrils have expanded towards those of Salou. Today, both coastal cities are connected by an esplanade and a bicycle lane. A pedestrian in good shape can cover the distance between Cambrils and Salou in just over an hour.

Tourism in Cambrils: Beaches whichever way you turn

Cambrils boasts over 7 km of coastline, the majority of which is made up of fine sandy beaches. All in all, Cambrils has 9 beaches, which we will describe in more detail later (see: Beaches Cambrils).

Cambrils today

Today Cambrils has 32,000 inhabitants. It used to be a traditional fishing village, but in the 1960s the potential for tourism in Cambrils started to be developed. In spite of the high numbers of national and international visitors, Cambrils has never strayed far from its roots (see: What to visit in Cambrils). On the other hand, its fishing tradition is still very much alive and the seafood from Cambrils is well-known and highly rated both in Barcelona, as well as in the rest of Spain.

Just like in days gone by – the fishermen of Cambrils

The fishing port of Cambrils is well worth a visit. In the afternoons, between 4 and 5, the fishermen come back and offload their catch in order to sell it right there in the port, on the Cambrils fish market. Sales people and reps from local restaurants are there waiting for them to buy their fresh goods. During the months of May and June, it is impossible for them to carry on this activity, as fishing is prohibited during this time of year. However, a walk around Cambrils harbour is always worth the effort. From the red tower we have the best panoramic views of the port and Cambrils’ old town. This is where the nautical atmosphere is at its most authentic.

The other face of Cambrils: Chic and sporty

On the other side of the fishing port you can find Cambrils’ prestigious marina. Here you can see yachts of all different sizes and all kinds of services are offered related to sailing sailboats or motorboats. Cambrils yacht club has a good restaurant and those who are not planning to sail a yacht, can buy tickets at the port for organised boat trips leaving from Cambrils.

The gastronomy of Cambrils: “sea and land”

Cambrils has always been marked both by the sea, as well as the proximity of its mountains. “Mar i terre” (sea and land), as they usually say here and this is loyally reflected in their cookery. The best that the sea and mountains have to offer is brought together in Cambrils. It is no coincidence that Cambrils is called the culinary capital of the Costa Dorada. The city is home to over 200 restaurants, among them some that have been given awards by the Michellin and Repsol guides and have been featured in articles on gastronomy. However, caution must be taken. Like everywhere, there are also black sheep in Cambrils (see: Restaurants in Cambrils).

Finally, the “Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo” (School of Hospitality and Tourism) established in Cambrils, highlights the importance of the gastronomy sector in the town.

Cambrils: Designed for family holidays

Cambrils has always been known as a holiday destination that is exceptionally suitable for families, of course, this is also thanks to its beaches with their calm, safe waters (see: Beaches Cambrils). To this, we must add the wide variety of sports, cultural and leisure facilities that Cambrils has to offer to visitors of all ages (see: Fiestas and events in Cambrils). In 2007, Cambrils was officially rewarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian government) for being the ideal holiday destination for families.

Cambrils at night

Cambrils has a good, though not excessive, nightlife (see: nightlife Cambrils). The range of bars, pubs and nightclubs on offer in Cambrils is enough to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
However, those looking for a livelier party atmosphere should go to the neighbouring town of Salou. Buses run regularly from Cambrils, making it easy for people to spend all night in this exciting nightlife hotspot. The bus stops in Cambrils can be found along the esplanade Passeig Miramar and the avenue Avenida Diputació.