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Port Aventura Park Salou


Another point of interest in the surroundings of Salou is Port Aventura, the second biggest theme park in Europe.

Coming from Salou, you will find an array of different impressions in Port Aventura: spectacular attractions, facilities designed with special attention to detail, numerous restaurants and bars, as well as music and dance shows and brief theatre plays, including shows involving specialists carrying out dangerous stunts.

Port Aventura, next to Salou, covers an area of about 115 hectares divided into five themed areas: Imperial China, the Wild West, exotic Polynesia, Aztec Mexico and the sunny Mediterranean. All of them are impressively well-designed, in great detail, meeting the challenge of offering the typical delights of the places they represent.  It’s all happening at Port Aventura: in the Wild West saloon they dance the can-can; in China you can see acrobats and artists perform; in Polynesia a live pirate battle takes place and in Mexico the mariachis sing their songs.

Port Aventura in Salou means fun for all the family. Even those who don’t like fast rollercoasters, water rides or perhaps the free fall from a height of 100 metres, will feel at home at Port Aventura among the original, lively shows in each of the themed areas. Whoever comes to Salou should pay a visit to Port Aventura.

A few years back, a water park was added to Port Aventura: The Aquatic Park offers a refreshing experience among spectacular slides, wave pools and many more attractions around, on or in the water. This aquatic delight is very much appreciated, more than ever during the summer months. Aquatic Park can be visited separately from Port Aventura and it is easy to get there from Salou.