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Lloret de Mar Travel Guide

THE place for young people and teenagers to party and meet people on the Mediterranean. This is the best way to sum up Lloret de Mar.

The partying hotspot on the Costa Brava
Lloret de Mar is the typical resort in which people go on holiday “alone” for the first time without parental supervision. The streets and the promenade are alive with an endless array of fun-loving tourists. In various central and northern European languages, the predominantly young tourist is catered for: there are watersports, tours, discos, bars and many other activities. Around evening time the streets empty out and instead the discos and bars begin to fill up. Music and neon lights plunge Lloret into an awesome night fever. There are countless pubs, bars, karaoke bars and discos where people party on into the early hours of the morning. Partying in Lloret is concentrated around the area on Avenida Just Marlés street and on the neighbouring streets at the southern end of Lloret’s promenade. But even at the northern end and along the promenade there are a number of bars etc.       

Endless excitement  
In the summer months Lloret de Mar is ridiculously overcrowded. The fact that approx.130.000 holidaymakers come over during peak season to add to the 35,000 locals is evidence in itself that Lloret is extremely chaotic. It certainly doesn’t get boring. There are a whole load of things to do.
The liveliest part of town is the centre where there are numerous bars and shops, then on Lloret’s 1.5km long town beach, Playa Lloret, and, on a lesser scale, Lloret’s smaller town beach, Playa Fenals, which is in close proximity to a number of hotels and apartment blocks.

The quieter side of Lloret: peaceful beaches, small coves and nature.
There is a reason why Lloret was opened up as one of the first holiday resorts on the Costa Brava: its picturesque beaches and its beautiful hinterland.
Amongst Lloret’s 12 beaches there are also natural beaches and idyllic little coves which are difficult to get to. A walk along the Camí de Ronda, the Costa Brava’s old battlements is highly recommended. This leads along past the breathtaking steep coast to various beautiful beaches and coves such as Cala dels Frares and Cala d'en Trons: here you can enjoy nature and tranquillity in contrast to the hustle and bustle down at Lloret de Mar’s town beach: a stark contrast which never fails to surprise.
Those in search of tranquility would probably not give a second thought to Lloret de Mar. Our conclusion: you can in fact enjoy a very peaceful holiday in Lloret de Mar, you should, however, avoid the centre and opt to travel during the low season.

The cultural side of Lloret
There is more to Lloret than just a concrete jungle. There are several sights which are well worth visiting. For example the art nouveau style Capella del Satíssim Sagrament chapel situated in the centre of Lloret, the medieval Castell de Sant Joan castle, one of the three Iberian excavation sites or the Ermita Sta. Cristina pilgrimage church situated above the beach of the same name Playa Santa Cristina.

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