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Fiestas Lloret


In Lloret there are plenty of traditional fiestas and cultural festivals and shows alongside the partying, especially during the summer months. In addition to the town festivals described here, there is a broad program of activities and shows: Sardanas performance, the traditional Catalan dance where people dance in a circle using exceptionally complicated dance-steps; Habaneras the Cuban songs which were “brought across” during the 19th century. The fisherman learned them from their fellow countrymen who had emmigrated to Cuba and they added a touch of their own character to them; Dance festivals, concerts, sporting activities etc.

One of Lloret de Mar ’s special traditions is the Ball de la Plaça, also known as Almorratxes. This dance, which is performed on 24th and 25th of June as part of the town festival, Fiesta Mayor, is allegedly of Arab origin. The Ball de la Plaça is danced by four couples: the women wear long, elegant, mainly white dresses; the dancing partners, selected by the women, wear suits. Beforehand, the women are escorted to the square by four curators of the Además de la oferta nocturna, en Ermita Santa Cristina Pilgrimage Church, who are elected for four years, who then pass the women over to their dance partners. One special thing about this dance is that the men dance with a water jug, which they then offer to their dance partners, who then proceed to smash them. Legend has it that during the times when the Costa Brava had to defend itself against invaders, a young, rich, Arab man fell in love with a girl from Lloret de Mar. In order to win her heart he tried a whole range of different strategies but the young lady refused to marry him due to their religious differences. One day, the young man offered her a jug full of perfume. She threw the jug to the floor, smashing it. According to the legend, the young man returned to his country, stricken with shame, and the girl retired to a monastery.

The following festivals and fiestas are highly recommended:

24th July: Fiesta Mayor, Saints Day in honour of the Holy Santa Cristina.
The highlight of this week-long celebration is undoubtedly the boat procession to the Ermita Santa Cristina pilgrimage church, approximately 3.5 km away from the centre. It is said that the tradition of the boat procession came into being when the citizens of Lloret, who back then made the journey on foot, requested that part of the procession be shifted to the sea due to the perilous condition of the footpath. After initial opposition from Lloret’s clergy, Rome granted its approval. Since then the boat procession, during which the relics of the Holy Cristina are transported through the water, has become an important element of the procession.

Mid-November: Fiesta Mayor de Invierno - Sant Romà Winter Festival. Every year during the Winter Festival, Lloret de Mar is plunged back into the middle ages. In the centre of the town there is a medieval market with medieval music shows, artists, jugglers, games and plays (productions). There are also demonstrations of traditional handicraft and occupations such as stonemasonry or glassblowing, which very few people still master. At the various stands you can also purchase natural products and handicrafted items. It is a market rich in history and tradition.

In Lloret de Mar there are also traditional culinary events (see -Restaurants Lloret).