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Costa Dorada travel guide

Discover the Costa Dorada for your holidays with the Don Travel travel guide! 

We make it easy for you to plan your holidays on the Costa Dorada, the southernmost area of Catalonia. Find out information on the towns of the Costa Dorada, together with their respective beaches and places of interest. From the region of Baix Penedès to the delta of the river Ebro, we present you with useful information on the Costa Dorada. What’s more, soon we will bring you descriptions of the inland areas of the Costa Dorada.

The northernmost point of the Costa Dorada is the small, tranquil village of Cunit. After that comes Calafell with its interesting Iberian citadel, El Vendrell, the birth place of the world famous cellist Pau Casals, and after that Rodà de Barà with its triumph arch dating from ancient Roman times. After passing through other towns on the Costa Dorada, such as Creixell, the historical Torredembarra with its wide beaches and the picturesque town of Altafulla, we arrive in the capital of the province, Tarragona, which is located in the middle of the Costa Dorada. Tarragona, a city declared World Heritage, wins visitors over with its impressive Roman ruins, as well as its wide variety of shops and picturesque fishermen’s neighbourhood known as “El Serrallo”.

Further on, to the south of Tarragona, is the start of the other half of the Costa Dorada. Important areas for tourism are La Pineda (see: La Pineda travel guide) and, above all, Salou (see: Salou travel guide). Then you can find the beautiful bustling town of Cambrils (see: Cambrils travel guide) with its ongoing tradition of fishing and gastronomy. Continuing further south along the Costa Dorada we come across the typical holiday destinations Miami Platja (see: Miami Platja travel guide) and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant, where keen bathers can enjoy extensive beaches and hidden coves (see: Beaches Miami Platja). The next city along the Costa Dorada is L’Ametlla de Mar. This quiet, family-oriented town has a large natural harbour that is well worth a visit. Further down the coast of the Costa Dorada is the town of L’Ampolla which surprises us with its large marina.

But what would the Costa Dorada be without the delta of the river Ebro (“Deltebre”)? This area can be found at the southernmost point of the Costa Dorada and will have its very own chapter in the Don Travel guide, as it provides an alternative agenda for visitors far removed from the typical “sun, sea and sand” tourism. Today, the majority of the area covered by the Ebro delta can be found among the most important national parks in the country. Among the wildlife that is common in this part of the Costa Dorada, the local and migratory birds must be pointed out, which year upon year attract ornithologists and ecotourists to the area.

The latter, as well as experiencing this great show of nature, can also visit some of the typical towns in this special area of the Costa Dorada, which will be described later on in the guide: the historically significant Tortosa, the tranquil Deltebre, the small coastal town of Riumar with its eye-catching mansions in a particularly spectacular part of the Costa Dorada, the town of Amposta, strategically located on the Ebro delta, the town of Sant Carles de la Ràpita, famous for its landscapes and gastronomy, as well as the town of Les Cases d’Alcanar, in the southernmost extreme of the Costa Dorada, which attracts visitors with its welcoming traditional atmosphere.

Why Don Travel?

The young Don Travel team is made up of people who live in the respective areas. That means that all of the information published on the Costa Dorada: photos, descriptions, advice, routes, etc., has been obtained first-hand by the members of the team living on the Costa Dorada.
They are experts on the Costa Dorada. To be able to do this and keep all of the information updated, they frequently visit all of the cities, beaches, coves and places of interest on this splendid Mediterranean coastline.
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We’re sure that the Costa Dorada will have something in store for you!